If you have started looking into adoption, you may have heard the term "HOME STUDY" and wondered what exactly it is.

I've created a special free report to explain the adoption home study requirements and answer the simple question, "What is a home study?"

In this free report, you'll learn:

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What a home study is, and what it isn't.
The one main reason people can't pass a home study.
Key tips for home study preparation.
Easy ways to make your home study provider feel at ease in your home.
What to expect when the social worker comes to visit.
…and much, much more!

Home Study Questions & Answers

Why is a home study so important in

Simple, every adoptive family must have a
current home study to adopt.  It doesn't
matter if you are doing domestic adoption,
international adoption, foster or fost-adopt
adoption, private adoption, independent
adoption, or even kinship adoption. 
A home study is absolutely required.

Are all home studies the same?
No, home study requirements vary based on state or local requirements and the type of adoption you are doing. Learn why you need to make key adoption decisions early on to save thousands of dollars.

How often does an adoption home study have to be updated?
Typically annual updates are required, but this will vary with the type of adoption and your local adoption laws and requirements.  This is vital to keep in mind because an out-dated home study can put your adoption in jeopardy!

Download a free report on the adoption home study to adopt a baby or childMy free adoption home study special report provides more detailed answers to these questions and more including:

How much does a home study for adoption cost?
Who does a home study?
What are the requirements for a home study?
What is the home inspection like?
What is the home study process like?
How long does a home study take?






After working nationwide with families hoping to adopt, I've seen home studies from every state in the nation.  I've also worked with home study providers to gather the tips and tricks you need to ensure you get an approved home study in a reasonable time frame while not paying an arm and a leg.

Many blessings in your adoption journey,

Mardie Caldwell, America's Adoption Expert

P.S...Watch my quick video below about how to prepare for your adoption home study.

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